Avene Thermal Water

Place of Origin: France
Brand Name: AVENE
Type: 300 ML

Directly resulting from the spring's griffin, Avène Thermal Spring Water, batctoriologically pure, is the only thermal water conditionned in sterile block, in a high technology and ultra-modern production unit.
It is ideal for the sensitive and fragile skins, which it wraps into a soft and fresh protective veil, and to which it gives soothing, comfort and well-being feelings.
Alleviating and anti-irritating: Its single and constant composition in Avene Thermal Spring water, confers it soothing and anti-irritative properties, scientifically demonstrated.
Avene Thermal Spring Water is a true active ingredient in itself, which allows the treatment of cutaneous infections.


Spray on face as needed, let stand one moment and wipe with care.
Indication: Hygiene of the sensitive skins


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