Pampers New Baby offers their best protection for newborns' skin. It features a Wetness Indicator to let you know when your baby might need a fresh nappy. After your baby wets in the nappy, the indicator changes from yellow to blue-green. In addition, Pampers New Baby has a unique Absorb-Away Layer. Its honeycomb structure is specifically designed to absorb newborns' soft poo and to lock it away from your baby’s skin to keep it protected. Pampers New Baby uses ultra soft material to give babies all the comfort they need.

Pampers New Baby features:

-Wetness indicator
-Ultra soft
-Overlapping fastening, smaller/regular/bigger fastening
-Soft, stretchy sides
-Specifically designed to absorb soft poo
-Pampers best protection for your newborn's skin


The material and functions:
1. Hydrophilic non-woven: soft, make baby more comfortable.
2. Super Absorbent Polymer: Absorb the liquid effectively and instantly, keep surface dry all day to avoid wet back.
3. Blue Acquisition Distribution Layer: Make the liquid infiltrate quickly, prevent rewet and keep Baby's skin dry and clean.
4. Lamination film: breathable, prevent leakage and keep fresh.
5. PP tapes: go well with frontal tape, they can be used as many times as need.
6. Magic tapes/BIG ELASTIC EARS: can be used for many times, and big elastic ears are much more convenient for a better fit.
7. 3D rounder: avoid any side leakage.
8. Elastic waistband: Provide baby with a snug, comfortable circumstance.



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